In the search for Paradise:

No paradise today, I'm lazy as fuck.


Koshka's Kingdom: Amazing articles about autism, internet culture, DOS games... GET ON IRC!

Lolwut: The internet is serious business! The chaotic branch of the net. Be ready with your best equipment when clicking on the guestbook.

Cidoku: 天才. Articles, songs, flash animations... you name it. Say hello to Shirogami!

Prints: A very comfy place to explore. ゆっくりしてね!!!

Emerald Coast: Dreamcast! Pokemon! Anime! All good tastes are in this website!

Shadowm00n: The webpage of a talented man with software. You can find here scripts and discussions about tech and videogames!


ArtificialNightSky: I love reading this website. There is a lot of hikikomori content and all the information about Honda Toru is just amazing.

Webcore Archive: A Tumb*l link... It has a lot of cool pictures from the Y2K. The rabbit hole for a lot of japanese webpages from between 2000 and 2006 aprox. Enjoy the exploration!